IPA: sʌbˈætɪk


  • Alternative form of sabbatical [An extended period of leave from a person's usual pursuits.]


  • Alternative form of sabbatical [Relating to the Sabbath.]

Examples of "sabbatic" in Sentences

  • He is on sabbatical for the spring semester.
  • He will rest and enjoy its sabbatical years.
  • The Rubinoos began a long sabbatical in 1985.
  • In 2003, the band decided to go on a sabbatical.
  • It was in a Sabbatical Year on the day of Atonement.
  • He was on sabbatical from teaching at the University of Iowa.
  • The rest of the year, they are on leave of absence or on sabbatical.
  • The sabbatical officers are generally trustees of the students' union.
  • Parasceve seems to have been applied also to the eve of certain festival days of a sabbatic character.
  • Jubilee was the 49th year from the "morrow" of a sabbatic year; it followed immediately after a sabbatic year.
  • Not on the morrow after the ordinary sabbath of the week, but the morrow after the first day of the Passover week, which was a sabbatic day, Exodus
  • There at noon of March 24, 1895, the light of eternity dawned upon her and she entered into that sabbatic rest, which remains for the people of God.
  • The sabbatic year, in other words, was a simple agricultural year, and it did not correspond exactly with the ecclesiastical or with any calendar year.
  • The laws as to loans had direct reference to the sabbath of the land, for since only Hebrews might possess the Holy Land, interest on a debt might not be exacted from a Hebrew in the sabbatic year, as the land did not then yield him wherewith he might pay.
  • Here the term "buy" can only be applied to the _service_, sold by the servant for six years, (or perhaps to the sabbatic seventh year, as daily or weekly service ended with the Sabbath,) for it is applied to a state which no ingenuity whatever can construe as chattelism.
  • _ These were of four kinds -- servants under contract or indenture for six years, probably from one sabbatic year to another: servants held till the year of jubilee, or "for ever:" children born in the house, or hired out by their parents: convicted thieves; and afterward, though sanctioned by no law, debtors.
  • When we are speaking of Syrophoenicia, we are not far off from a place where the sabbatic river either was, or was feigned to be: and I hope the reader will pardon me, if I now wander a little out of my bounds, going to see a river that kept the sabbath: for who would not go out of his way to see so astonishing a thing?
  • The most probable solution of the question lies in the legitimate and widespread custom, according to which, when the fifteenth of Nisan fell on the Sabbath, as it did in the year of the Crucifixion, the paschal lamb was killed in the evening hours of the thirteenth of Nisan and the paschal feast celebrated on this or the following evening, to avoid all infringement of the strict sabbatic rest.

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