IPA: sˈeɪbɝtuθ


  • A sabertooth tiger
  • Any animal with saber-like teeth, such as the saber-toothed cat or saber-toothed tiger

Examples of "sabertooth" in Sentences

  • SABERTOOTH can be used online at SSAP.
  • Sabertooth and Psylocke begin a relationship.
  • Sabertooth games is independent and only owned by G .
  • This would place this cat into the False sabertooth group.
  • Sabertooth game's works are not canon in the arhammer 40,000 game.
  • More steampunk dinosaurs fighting cyberpunk sabertooth cats please.
  • His facial features are very similar to both Sabertooth and olverine.
  • Meanwhile Wolverine saves the Power Pack from the Marauder Sabertooth.
  • Synopsis: A man rescues a baby sabertooth from a cloning facility and raises it like a pet.
  • Dinosaur and megafauna (like the sloth, sabertooth and mammoth) did not roam the land at the same time.
  • In "Pride" by Mary Turzillo, a man rescues a baby sabertooth from a cloning facility and raises it like a pet.
  • Instead of hunting dinosaurs I'd rather go back to about 10,000BC and go after the sabertooth lion, the shortfaced bear and the wolly mamoth.
  • That your great-time-fifty grandpaw got et by a sabertooth lion and thus you won't get a house cat hasn't been demonstrated as anything close to valid.
  • This mass extinction was caused by newly arrived humans tipping the balance of power and competing with major predators such as sabertooth cats, the authors of the new analysis argue.
  • It never really looked right, so we took everything out yesterday and have gone more for the rock/plant natural look -- although we still have a sabertooth tiger "skull" in the middle.
  • If their close to wolverine's origins graffic novel for the beggining of the movie that would be deccent , i.e. making you assume sabbertooth was wolverine and the asthmatic kid was just a character but later finding out that the asthmatic kid was the love child of the drunkard and abusive gardener who was also the father of the later to find out "sabertooth",who watched his real father die by the hands of the asthmatic friend who is actually wolverine .

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