IPA: sˈæbʌtɑʒ


  • A deliberate action aimed at weakening someone (or something, a nation, etc) or preventing them from being successful, through subversion, obstruction, disruption, and/or destruction.


  • To deliberately destroy or damage something in order to prevent it from being successful.

Examples of "sabotage" in Sentences

  • The first sabotage was committed the same day.
  • The acts of sabotage occurred throughout the country.
  • The sabotage causes the ship to veer towards the sun.
  • He was responsible for counter sabotage and counterespionage.
  • Also the mayor tried to practice sabotage the Arbeitseinsatz.
  • But the weasels have a dastardly plan to sabotage his efforts.
  • The mine was the victim of sabotage of equipment and machinery.
  • After this, the ministry of defense suspected sabotage of the trials.
  • He is the master of the sabotage, trickery and reconnaissance operations.
  • OTTAWA — The Bloc Quebecois filed a police complaint over what it described as sabotage in one of four federal byelections Monday.
  • In fact, according to the ghostly murmurings of Mary Alice’s narration, there is a lot more depth to the term sabotage than those pesky Beastie Boys would have us believe.
  • Preventing last-minute efforts at sabotage is more difficult, structurally, because there are very few processes in government that are immunized from political interference.
  • The word sabotage is storied to be from the French word for wooden shoe, sabot, to recall how French workers threw their shoes into newfangled machinery to foil the efforts of industrial revolution bosses.
  • The headline asks if sabotage is happening - with no proof (that I can see) to even hint that such a thing has happened and/or that NASA is investigating actual events as suspected sabotage at this attempt.
  • AMMAN Reuters - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Saturday legislation to lift 48 years of emergency law would be enacted by next week but warned that new laws in the works would not be lenient toward what he called sabotage.

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