IPA: sæbʌtˈɝ


  • A person who intentionally causes the destruction of property in order to hinder the efforts of their enemy.

Examples of "saboteur" in Sentences

  • It belongs now to the saboteurs.
  • The saboteurs were never identified.
  • A bitch is a dream killer, simply a saboteur.
  • Then the saboteurs came to dynamite the houses.
  • Also, it is used in the 2009 game The Saboteur.
  • They face, a kidnapper, a thief, and a saboteur.
  • Everyone seems to think that you are a saboteur.
  • He became an accomplished assassin and saboteur.
  • Luckily for the saboteurs the backpacks were not seized.
  • RAY: Well, a saboteur is a kind of industrial terrorist.
  • Lirath is a deliberate, persistent and malicious saboteur.
  • And again — the notion of a spy or saboteur is part of that reason.
  • KSM should have been classified as a saboteur, a war criminal, and summarily executed.
  • She was the one that threw out the notion that the saboteur was a woman to “throw people off the sent”.
  • Beckwith-Walsh, Musical Social Media Consultants. opreamadalin Business owners fear Underbelly 'saboteur' -
  • If an American spy or saboteur is captured, he clearly gets worse treatment (and perhaps executed), although beatings are still not permitted.
  • When the identity of the saboteur is revealed, O’Neill is faced with a horrifying truth and is forced into an unlikely alliance in order to fight for Earth’s future …
  • So, if an American spy or saboteur is ever captured — particularly if they operated as real terrorists — I think it’s to be expected that the people who claim to care about human rights when America’s enemies are captured will only care that much less.
  • While the world has been fixated with a state-sanctioned land grab of commercial farms by veterans of the country’s liberation war, the Zimbabwe government has nailed what it believes to be the main saboteur of the country’s agricultural production — a vervet monkey.
  • None the less, his revealing choice of the word "saboteur" - disagreement equals vandalism - sent a clear signal to every member of the public who dares to wonder what all this is about, why the changes needed are so dramatic, whether the scientific consensus is as clear as ministers say it is.

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