IPA: sˈeɪbɝ


  • (UK, Canada) A light sword, sharp along the front edge, part of the back edge, and at the point.
  • (UK, Canada, fencing) A modern fencing sword modeled after the sabre.


  • (UK, Canada, transitive) To strike or kill with a sabre.

Examples of "sabre" in Sentences

  • Story of the Sword and the Sabre.
  • He fights with an electric sabre.
  • That sabre grip is a piece of work.
  • Iatridis competed in the sabre event.
  • The Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre.
  • The flag was mounted on another sabre.
  • Lancelot's weapon of choice is a sabre.
  • A mechanical pirate that attacks with a sabre.
  • The following are the season statistics for the Sabres.
  • The sabre is one of the three weapons used in the sport of fencing.
  • So Windu's pretentiously-coloured sabre is finally being put to good use ...
  • In tai chi class we're doing the broadsword sabre form now, don't know if I mentioned that.
  • Fighting with a sabre is a very different kettle of the piscine variety compared to the rapier.
  • It's faster, it's shorter, Ward says of the sabre, which is associated with the swashbuckling aspects of fencing.
  • Well, the 1897 pattern sabre is a beaut - but more when I've tried it out properly, and had time to check its history.
  • Becca was too young for the rec center class, but because her interest was piqued the family found a club where she could begin sabre instruction.
  • He refrains from sabre-rattling with regard to Iran -- although I have no doubt the sabre is at the ready and will be unsheathed frequently on the campaign trail.
  • Responding to the latest pronouncements from Sinn Féin North Down DUP MLA Peter Weir reiterated that his party would not be bullied by what he termed sabre-rattling.
  • This shouldn't be an exercise in sabre rattling but a "facts of life" view of how a business makes money in a tough global competitive marketplace, how a business pays taxes, how a business contributes to economic well-being, how business makes a social-infrastructure possible and sustainable.

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