IPA: sˈæk


  • A bag or pouch inside a plant or animal that typically contains a fluid.
  • (transitive, informal, games) A sacrifice.
  • (UK, law, historical) The privilege, formerly enjoyed by the lord of a manor, of holding courts, trying causes, and imposing fines; now used only in the phrase sac and soc or soc and sac.
  • (informal) The city of Sacramento, California, United States.
  • (military) Acronym of senior aircraftman.
  • Initialism of saeculum ante Christum (“era before Christ”).
  • (sports) Abbreviation of Sacramento. [The capital city of California, United States and the county seat of Sacramento County.]
  • (US, military) Acronym of Strategic Air Command.
  • (underwater diving) Acronym of surface air consumption.
  • Alternative form of Sauk [A tribe or group of Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands culture group.]


  • (transitive, informal, games) To sacrifice.

Examples of "sac" in Sentences

  • The sacs are lined with apocrine and sebaceous glands.
  • At the upper end of the embryo sac are three antipodal cells.
  • The outer is the cocoon sac and the inner part is the egg sack.
  • The sac is filled with foam blocks that arrive all packed tight.
  • The female gamete is produced inside the embryo sac of the ovule.
  • The male has a sharp, curved spicule enclosed in a bursa, or sac.
  • The embryos are supported in placental yolk sac inside the mother.
  • The supernumerary testis is most often found in the left scrotal sac.
  • I was also selected as the SAC Outstanding Airman Of The Year in 1980.
  • Cord prolapse is often concurrent with the rupture of the amniotic sac.
  • In flowering plants, they are replaced by the embryo sac inside the ovule.
  • The sac is REALLY comfy, but it doesn’t hold its shape the way the Omni does.
  • The right pleural sac is shorter, wider, and reaches higher in the neck than the left.
  • [FN#137] The word sac (leg), when used in the oblique case, as it would necessarily be here, makes saki, i.e. cup-bearer.
  • The excess amniotic fluid was then removed from the recipient twin sac, and antibiotics were placed into the uterine cavity to decrease the risk of infection.
  • I had been walking home through the wilderness that separated my cul-de-sac from the grocery store, it was a walk I had taken hundreds of times over the past five years, when I tripped.
  • An umbilical hernia occurs when a baby's abdominal wall doesn't completely close before birth, causing a small piece of bowel or fat under the skin, often referred to as the sac, to stick out.

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