IPA: sˈækʌdɪk


  • Relating to saccade; thus (often, more specifically):
  • Characterized by discontinuous or sporadic movement; jerky.

Examples of "saccadic" in Sentences

  • Saccadic suppression of image displacement.
  • Planning of saccadic eye movement direction and amplitude.
  • Saccadic masking is not fully related to the saccade itself.
  • This phenomenon is called saccadic masking or saccadic suppression.
  • Both locations served as potential targets of a saccadic eye movement.
  • Saccadic oscillations facilitate ocular perfusion from the avian pecten.
  • Relationship between saccadic masking, saccadic movements and motion blur.
  • Higher still, a condor hovers, tracking the soundless, moving line of rectangular carriages with saccadic movements of its eyes.
  • The saccadic movements of your eyes as you scan the words, capturing photons, transform the energy of photons captured on a farm not long ago.
  • In contrast, the time compression reported here only occurred with visual stimuli, not with auditory clicks, and was largely independent of saccadic size.
  • Concetta Morrone, John Ross and David Burr have just reported in Nature Neuroscience that subjective time is compressed around the onset of a saccadic eye movement.
  • Restless Cities Walking TourLFA invites the adventurous on this "saccadic stroll" led by Esther Leslie, professor of political aesthetics at London's Birkbeck College.
  • Late in the evening, a person afoot on rue Quelle Blague might, by the moans and shrieks and saccadic protests, have imagined themselves passing not a monastery but a hospital or a brothel or a combination of the two.
  • Also lending a hand may be a neural mechanism which turns off saccadic suppression if the velocity of the eyes matches that of a moving object with your eyes stationary a moving object is blurred, with your eyes moving a stationary object is blurred, but if your eyes move at the same speed as an object you can get a clear image.

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