IPA: sˈækɝˈoʊs


  • (biochemistry) sugar, especially sucrose

Examples of "saccharose" in Sentences

  • Not saccharose, but you can't have everything.
  • Usually a solution of saccharose in base wine.
  • Weigh out 20 grammes saccharose and add to the filtrate.
  • Weigh out 20 grammes saccharose and add to the contents of the flask.
  • -- In certain cases a corresponding percentage of lactose, maltose, or saccharose is substituted for glucose.
  • A new method for the analysis of saccharose and raffinose, when in the presence of inverted sugar, is said to give accurate results.
  • Nitro-molasses, which is a liquid product, has also been proposed, and nitro-saccharose, the product obtained by the nitration of sugar.
  • The most important application of inosite-free bouillon is its use in the preparation of sugar bouillons, whether glucose, maltose, lactose, or saccharose, of exact percentage composition.
  • These products are: two saturated chains aliphatic hydrocarbons (C33H68 and C35H72), saccharose, two pentacyclic triterpenes of the ursane group (alpha-amyrine, urs-12-ene-3-one), a new polymethoxy flavonoid
  • From this the author concludes that the formation of saccharose from glucose takes place entirely in the leaves under the influence of sunlight, and that the saccharose thereupon ascends the cane through the petioles, etc., and collects there.
  • Herbal Dental Gel Peppermint Herbal ingredients such as echinacea, fresh tasting, gentle cleanser with low anise, green tea, clove oil and a sudsing action saccharose ester retard development of tooth decay and plaque-producing Mineral Toothpaste bacteria.
  • For example, various sugars -- lactose, glucose, saccharose, &c. -- are added to test the fermentative action of the bacterium on these substances; litmus is added to show changes in reaction, specially standardized media being used for estimating such changes; peptone solution is commonly employed for testing whether or not the bacterium forms indol; sterilized milk is used as a culture medium to determine whether or not it is curdled by the growth.

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