IPA: sæʃˈeɪ


  • A small scented cloth bag filled with fragrant material such as herbs or potpourri.
  • (cooking) A cheesecloth bag of herbs and/or spices added during cooking and then removed before serving.
  • A small, sealed packet containing a single-use quantity of any material.

Examples of "sachet" in Sentences

  • They found a sachet in the pagodas.
  • This is the earliest sachet ever found.
  • From then on, sachet has been circulating.
  • I was looking for a picture of an ORS sachet.
  • The sachet focuses on similar in feeling not appearance.
  • A sachet can also be a fabric bag containing pot pourri.
  • The condiment sachet was originally developed to hold ketchup.
  • The main expression of Qingyang sachet is using symbolic means.
  • Gourd sachet with gourd seeds is powerful ear protection talisman.
  • Desuasio said Mejia denied the sachet was his and claimed he was set up.
  • Different sauce sachets are included according to the flavour of the Pot Mash.
  • In what came to be called the "sachet revolution," products such as toothpaste, hair oil, skin cream and cooking oil took on the same packaging.
  • Every day, when George came home from his work, he found some new article completed, and was ravished by the scent of some new kind of sachet powder.
  • This fungicide is contained within a sachet which is placed inside the sofas in order to protect against mould during storage, transit and everyday usage.
  • Nasuta sab nga nag-away ang biktima ug ang iyang bana sa wa masayring rason hinungdan nga gikuha sa biktima ang usa ka sachet sa Clorox ug dayon gisagol sa alcohol ug gilala.

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