IPA: sˈæksʌn


  • an area in germany around the upper elbe river; the original home of the saxons

Examples of "sachsen" in Sentences

  • Located in the southern part of Sachsen Anhalt.
  • I don't think that the Sachsen image is best suited.
  • Maybe the goings ons on in Sachsen will help cool off the fans.
  • So the county of Sachsen Anhalt has nothing to do with it whatsoever.
  • The IRST is currently in use on board the German Sachsen class frigate.
  • Located in a village of the same name in southern part of Sachsen Anhalt.
  • Sachsen is a municipality in the district of Ansbach in Bavaria in Germany.
  • Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen; Until Feb. 1; 49-351-8926-367; globiz. Dublin Archaeology
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