sack coat

IPA: sˈækkˈoʊt


  • man's hiplength coat with a straight back; the jacket of a suit

Examples of "sack-coat" in Sentences

  • On this occasion he wore a sack-coat of medium length, with side-pockets.
  • His trousers were wide and belted at the waist, and his short sack-coat hung open.
  • They have one for the morning, which is called a sack-coat, that is, tailless, and is of mixed colors.
  • The horseman with his sack-coat, baggy velvet trousers and slouch hat looks not unlike a rough rider along the shores of the Mississippi River.
  • As he started to go out he found the ticket-taker changing his long light-blue robe of state for a highly commonplace sack-coat without brass buttons.
  • Leandro drew from the inside pocket of his sack-coat a long, narrow knife; the onlookers retreated to the walls so as to leave plenty of room for the duellists.
  • His face showed traces of a puzzled diffidence, as that of a man who has come in sack-coat to a full-dress function; but after all it was satisfaction that predominated, for after this heroic effort he had decided that Victory had at last perched upon his banners.
  • Plato, including Carl Ericson, that they sat as uncomfortable as though they were individually accused by the plump pedant who was weakly glaring at them, his round, childish hand clutching the sloping edge of the oak reading-stand, his sack-coat wrinkled at the shoulders and sagging back from his low linen collar.

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