sack race

IPA: sˈækrˈeɪs


  • (games, motor racing) A race in which competitors stand in sacks or similar items and try to be the first to jump to the finish line.

Examples of "sack-race" in Sentences

  • "This is no sack-race; you can't go out to walk in your bag.
  • “Here is the prize for the first sack-race,” said Miss Lydia, taking a large parcel from the table where the prizes were laid and giving it to Mrs. Irwine before Bessy came up,
  • Gram and the girls therefore decided to give up going altogether, but we three boys at length harnessed old Sol into the express wagon and started; for we hoped to see the fireworks in the evening and perhaps the sack-race and wheelbarrow-race which had been set for afternoon.

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