safe conduct

IPA: sˈeɪfkʌndʌkt


  • The security given by authority of a government to a stranger for his quietly coming into and passing out of the territories over which said government has jurisdiction or control.


IPA: sˈeɪfkʌndˈʌkt


  • A document that grants safe passage through enemy territory in times of war.
  • A convoy or guard to protect a person in a foreign country.


  • (obsolete) To guarantee safe passage by granting such a document.

Examples of "safeconduct" in Sentences

    Examples of "safe-conduct" in Sentences

    • And how to accomplish all this while allowing Israelis the safe-conduct of their own lives.
    • TBC recollections in horse, no one notifications his reactionary, so for the momma he is safe-conduct.
    • It seems, said the letter writer, that the general had obtained from the U.S. government a safe-conduct, in order that Com.
    • This Cuban passport looks more like a safe-conduct than an ID, with it we can escape from insularity though it still doesn't guarantee we can board an airplane.
    • Forced to swallow it whole, he endured the four years of repeated jabs and investigation for his safe-conduct to leave the country, which the minister of his branch still had not signed.

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