IPA: sˈeɪfkˈipɪŋ


  • the act of keeping something safe; protection from harm, damage, loss, or theft
  • the storage of assets in a protected area
  • the responsibility of a guardian
  • (US) not returning checks; a system wherein banks keep checks (cheques) that people write, rather than returning them to the account holder with their monthly statement.

Examples of "safekeeping" in Sentences

  • The construction plans were put in safekeeping.
  • The decedent should keep the original in safekeeping.
  • The illegal safekeeping was never explained nor brought up.
  • Akane meanwhile gives the mushrooms to Nabiki for safekeeping.
  • The rings are hidden in five secret locations for safekeeping.
  • He then hides the Dragon Ball in the water nearby for safekeeping.
  • To the west, to the south, he offered up her name for safekeeping.
  • Armstrong had the valuable jewel shipped to Winston for safekeeping.
  • Hundreds of people brought their savings to the store for safekeeping.
  • If the weather is inclement, wrap it in a Nau garment for safekeeping.
  • Otherwise the bank is simply offering free storage and safekeeping facilities.
  • Now they are in safekeeping at Ottawa for every one of us to consult and for those who follow us.
  • It was a letter that his mother, Esther, read, but she kept it folded in safekeeping for over 25 years until recently.
  • His driver, however, had possession of those remains and had been holding them in safekeeping awaiting directions from authorities.
  • University of Michigan goalie Al Montoya has a reputation as a big-game performer, and he has a gold medal in safekeeping as supporting evidence.
  • And as long as I am writing I am in safekeeping, then I have some idea of how life could go on, and when I get to the end of a text I don't know it anymore.
  • Mr. Johnson's suit says he begged prison officials to move him to a unit called safekeeping, where white and Hispanic homosexuals, former gang members and convicted police officers lived.
  • (XTS), which provides long-term safekeeping of reproductive cells and is the parent company of Xytex Cord Blood Bank; and Xytex Research, which works to improve reproductive tissue technologies.
  • He waylays my son on his journey to London, dismisses the men from Wales who were loyal to him and to me, arrests my brother Anthony, my son Richard Grey, and our cousin Thomas Vaughan, and takes Edward into his so-called safekeeping.

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