safety pin

IPA: sˈeɪftipˈɪn


  • (sewing) A pin in the form of a clasp, which has a guard to cover the sharp point; used to join two pieces of fabric, etc., together temporarily.
  • (military) The pin of a hand grenade, which prevents accidental detonation.

Examples of "safetypin" in Sentences

    Examples of "safety-pin" in Sentences

    • During warm fronts try spiners, in-line or safety-pin.
    • So we're borrowing all this stuff and it's cheaper to safety-pin it than stitch it.
    • (One of Versace's most iconic dresses was a safety-pin dress Elizabeth Hurley wore in 1994.)
    • They are as smelly and degenerate as any other bovver-boys on the streets, and stupid as hell (safety-pin through the brain).
    • In March, Vivienne Westwood launched a "hard-core diamond" line, with heavy orb rings for big hands and diamond-studded safety-pin earrings sold individually, for men.
    • I grew up not far away, and when I was a teenager, The Pit was a punk paradise, thick with mohawks and safety-pin earrings and skateboards and nerds who actually argued about The Smiths versus The Cure.
    • It was an awful thing, and yet because of that experience he-not a great inventor or genius-invented the pin that now is called the safety-pin, and out of that safety-pin made the fortune of one of the great aristocratic families of this nation.

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