safety razor

IPA: sˈeɪftɪrˈeɪzɝ


  • A razor, designed for safety, that protects the skin from all but the very edge of the blade (as opposed to a straight razor).

Examples of "safety-razor" in Sentences

  • Yesterday I purchased a safety-razor and a packet of new blades.
  • The first of them, combined with an unfortunate early-morning safety-razor accident, resulted in this.
  • To raise money for buying luxuries, such as sugar, cigarettes, safety-razor blades, and playing cards.
  • May I add that poodles ought not to be shaved with a safety-razor, but should be trimmed by a topiary expert?
  • Not anticipating this good luck, we had exercised our ingenuity to construct a rude compass of our own out of a safety-razor blade and an eyelet from my boot.
  • Furiously he snatched up his tube of shaving-cream, furiously he lathered, with a belligerent slapping of the unctuous brush, furiously he raked his plump cheeks with a safety-razor.
  • BYRON, on the other hand, composed a sorrowful ditty on the decadence of the Isles of Greece whilst shaving; but the invention of the safety-razor and the energetic action of M. VENIZELOS will most likely render it unnecessary for anyone to repeat such a performance.
  • He may be viewed to-night as a plump, smooth, pink, baldish, podgy goodman, robbed of the importance of spectacles, squatting in breast-high water, scraping his lather-smeared cheeks with a safety-razor like a tiny lawn-mower, and with melancholy dignity clawing through the water to recover a slippery and active piece of soap.

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