IPA: sˈæfrʌnʌn


  • A biological stain used in histology and cytology.

Examples of "safranin" in Sentences

  • Some laboratories use safranin as a counterstain instead.
  • Safranin may also be used to give a yellow colour to collagen.
  • Safranin is also used as redox indicator in analytical chemistry.
  • Commercial safranin preparations often contain a blend of both types.
  • Counterstain with Safranin for 30 60 seconds by flooding the slide with stain.
  • Stained tissue culture cells and thin sections were labeled with either fluorescent dyes or common histology stains such as eosin, fast green, and safranin.
  • To visualize xylem strands, tissues were stained for 5 min with safranin-O (1% w/v in 95% ethanol) and dipped momentarily into 95% ethanol to wash out excess stain, before mounting in 25% (w/v) chloral hydrate.

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