IPA: sˈægˈeɪʃʌs


  • Having or showing keen discernment, sound judgment, and farsightedness; mentally shrewd.

Examples of "sagacious" in Sentences

  • He was a good man, a sagacious man.
  • The sagacious Janney refers to the saying.
  • The sagacious Janney opened the convention.
  • I promise to be prudent, wise and sagacious.
  • For Hmong, Chi You is a sagacious mythical king.
  • Dangis are prosperous, reputed and sagacious people.
  • Even a benevolent, sagacious, and successful monarch.
  • He was apparently sagacious enough to expect such a plot.
  • All the more perhaps for that, she was born sagacious, which is
  • This book also included the haunting ghost and the sagacious ghost.
  • He was highly sagacious, skilled in combat and an excellent swordsman.
  • He was a man of large wealth, and well known as a sagacious financier.
  • At least it could hardly be called sagacious generalship on the part of the stadholder.
  • All the more perhaps for that, she was born sagacious, which is a less pleasing, but, in a bitter pinch, a more really useful, quality.
  • Forty years after Benjamin worked in Palmer's printing-office, he visited England in the service of his country, widely known as a sagacious statesman and profound philosopher.
  • Certain it is that the maid's speech communicated a suspicion to the mind of Amelia which the behaviour of the serjeant did not tend to remove: what that is, the sagacious readers may likewise probably suggest to themselves; if not, they must wait our time for disclosing it.
  • Wise business management, and more particularly what is spoken of as safe and sane business management, therefore, reduces itself in the main to a sagacious use of sabotage; that is to say a sagacious limitation of productive processes to something less than the productive capacity of the means in hand.

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