IPA: sˈægˈeɪʃʌsɫi


  • In a sagacious manner, in a way that is clever, shrewd, observant, keen of intellect or discernment, cunning or with ability and aptitude; sagely.

Examples of "sagaciously" in Sentences

  • Chodin sagaciously observes: Lance has never lost a thumb wrestle.
  • As Captain Bunting sagaciously remarked, "most things come to a climax suddenly."
  • "Neither did Barriss, " Anakin pointed out sagaciously, -until they abducted her.
  • Another was picked up by one of the Adelaide travelers, who very sagaciously threw it away [typical], but thinks he can find it again.
  • "If I am so -- so pretty," she said slowly, to herself, "people ought to like me, and," sagaciously, "I must be pretty or he would not say so."
  • As Neil from "The Young Ones" once sagaciously pointed out, the problem with crucifixion as a form of suicide is that "there's no way you can hammer in the last nail."
  • He tried merrily all the dog-names he could think of; but when at last he called, “Toto!” the poodle barked so cordially that François sagaciously inclined to the belief that he must have hit upon the poodle's name.
  • Kudos to Mike Diehl, Edward Palumbo, et al. Why, has it not been on This Great Blog Itself that hunters have often been criticized (just recently, a wizened old codger related how he and a companion sagaciously enjoyed the wild countryside while riding behind two unwitting computer-geek-hunters … and so on and so forth)?
  • After the conversation between the Angel and Adam in the bower, it may be well presumed that our first parent waited on his heavenly guest at his departure to some little distance from it, till he began to take his flight towards heaven; and therefore "sagaciously" thinks that the poet could not with propriety say that the angel parted from the _thick shade_, that is, the _bower_, to go to heaven.

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