IPA: skˈaɪ


  • The atmosphere above a given point, especially as visible from the surface of the Earth as the place where the sun, moon, stars, and clouds are seen.
  • With a descriptive word: the part of the sky which can be seen from a specific place or at a specific time; its climate, condition, etc.
  • (chiefly literary and poetic, archaic) Usually preceded by the: the abode of God or the gods, angels, the souls of deceased people, etc.; heaven; also, powers emanating from heaven.
  • (mathematics, theoretical physics) The set of all lightlike lines (or directions) passing through a given point in space-time.
  • (obsolete, informal, rare) In an art gallery: the upper rows of pictures that cannot easily be seen; also, the place where such pictures are hung.
  • (obsolete) A cloud.
  • A surname.
  • A unisex given name from English.
  • Ellipsis of sky blue. [A vibrant light blue colour, like that of the sky on a fine day.]


  • (transitive)
  • (informal) To drink (a beverage) from a container without one's lips touching the container.
  • (informal, dated) To hang (a picture on exhibition) near the top of a wall, where it cannot easily be seen; (by extension) to put (something) in an undesirable place.
  • (slang, dated) To toss (something) upwards; specifically, to flip (a coin).
  • (sports)
  • To clear (a high jump bar, hurdle, etc.) by a large margin.
  • (ball games) To hit, kick, or throw (a ball) extremely high.
  • (obsolete) To raise (the price of an item on auction, or the level of the bids generally) by bidding high.
  • (intransitive)
  • To move quickly, as if by flying; to fly; also, to escape, to flee (especially by airplane).
  • (ball games) To hit, kick, or throw a ball extremely high.
  • (rowing) To raise an oar too high above the water.

Examples of "sky" in Sentences

  • The whole sky went dazzling caeanin blue.
  • The blue represents the ocean and the sky.
  • The light blue background is the limitless sky.
  • The rebus was in full color on a sky blue background.
  • The dark blue sky was clear and the stars shone brilliantly.
  • *a pair of wings unfold in the sky adn start to fly aroung in the sky*
  • The charm of the blue sky is the play of lightening, thunder and storm.
  • The blue color stands for the sky, opportunities, idealism and perseverance.
  • The blue of her eyes and the gold of her hair Are a blend of the western sky.
  • The sky is endlessly blue, and the earth will long remain, and bloom in Spring.
  • He remembers the green woods and the blue sky, and the barley fields of summer.
  • It is potentially a financial suicide for sky, as millions of sky customers don't have sky+.
  • For example, we saw how speakers of Old English had the native word heaven but nonetheless borrowed the word sky from Scandinavian to refer to “the heavens” differently.
  • Hardly any educated man or woman in the world believes that the world is flat, or that the Sun revolves round the Earth, or that what we call the sky is a solid substance, like a domed ceiling.
  • At the moment we have Sky+ in one room and a standard sky box in another room so i take it thats normal multi room as i pay for multi room, now i was thinking of having Sky HD in the room where the Sky+ box is and getting them to put the sky+ box into the room where the standard sky box is.
  • ?? up to rf input on the second tv?? these magic eye gadgets are these simpy for using a sky remote control on the second tv?? lastly, the lnb on the sky+ dish has 4 sockets, would there be any benefit off running the cable from this to the second tv or would that only be any good if I had a second sky+ box in the room off the second tv??

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