IPA: sˈup


  • Any of various dishes commonly made by combining liquids, such as water or stock with other ingredients, such as meat and vegetables, that contribute flavor and texture.
  • (countable) A serving of such a dish, typically in a bowl.
  • (uncountable) The liquid part of such a dish; the broth.
  • (figuratively) Any mixture or substance suggestive of soup consistency.
  • (slang) Thick fog or cloud (also pea soup).
  • (US, slang) Nitroglycerine or gelignite, especially when used for safe-cracking.
  • (cant) Dope or cocaine.
  • (photography) Processing chemicals into which film is dipped, such as developer.
  • (biology) A liquid or gelatinous substrate, especially the mixture of organic compounds that is believed to have played a role in the origin of life on Earth.
  • (UK, informal, often with "the") An unfortunate situation; trouble, problems (a fix, a mess); chaos.
  • (surfing) The foamy portion of a wave.
  • Alternative form of sup (“a sip; a small amount of food or drink”). [A sip; a small amount of food or drink.]


  • (uncommon) To feed: to provide with soup or a meal.
  • (photography) To develop (film) in a (chemical) developing solution.
  • (obsolete) To proselytize by feeding the impoverished as long as they listen to one's preaching.
  • (obsolete) To sweep.
  • Alternative form of sup (“to sip; to take a small amount of food or drink into the mouth, especially with a spoon”). [To sip; to take a small amount of food or drink into the mouth, especially with a spoon.]

Examples of "soup" in Sentences

  • They made soup for dinner.
  • The soup tastes like tang.
  • Salt was sprinkled in the soup.
  • As for the starter, he ate soup.
  • Soup was the starter of the meal.
  • Add soupcon of salt in your soup.
  • It's impolite to slurp one's soup.
  • Boomers slurp soup at the restaurant.
  • Eat soup noiselessly and with the side of the spoon.
  • Turtle soup is soup or stews made from the flesh of the turtle.
  • The faint outline of the word soup ghosted across a sooty wall.
  • Ever get an SMS and have absolutely no idea what the acronym soup is supposed to impart?
  • One word of caution – this soup is a bit heavy on the onions so beware and pick up some mints if you have an after lunch meeting planned.
  • Unum offers a clear guide to the acronym soup of consumer-directed health plans "This Is All About the Money": Pension Fund 'Crisis' a Red Herring, Union Chief Says
  • This he found on inquiry was the soup-kettle of a corps of Janissaries, and always held in high respect; indeed, so distinguishing a characteristic of this body is their _soup_, that their colonel is called Tchorbadgé, or the distributor of soup.

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