IPA: tˈæb


  • A small flap or strip of material attached to something, for holding, manipulation, identification, opening etc.
  • (slang) An ear.
  • (by extension, graphical user interface) A navigational widget, resembling a physical tab, for switching between documents or sets of controls.
  • (graphical user interface) The page or form associated with such a navigational widget.
  • (British Army, military slang) A fast march or run with full kit.
  • (informal, chiefly Canada, US) A restaurant bill.
  • (informal, chiefly Canada, US) Credit account, e.g., in a shop or bar; slate
  • (by extension) The cost or bill for anything.
  • (computing) A space character that extends to the next aligned column, traditionally used for tabulation.
  • (Tyneside and Mackem) A cigarette.
  • A form of musical notation indicating fingering rather than the pitch of notes, commonly used for stringed instruments.
  • (Oxbridge slang) A student of Cambridge University.
  • (colloquial) A tabloid newspaper.
  • (informal) A tablet, especially one containing illicit drugs.
  • (informal, theater) A tableau curtain.
  • (computing) A key on a computer keyboard that typically inserts a tab or moves the input focus.
  • Alternative letter-case form of tab (“student at Cambridge”) [A small flap or strip of material attached to something, for holding, manipulation, identification, opening etc.]


  • (transitive) To affix with tabs; to label.
  • (computing) To use the Tab key on a computer to advance the cursor or move the input focus, or on a typewriter to advance the carriage.

Examples of "tab" in Sentences

  • The tab spans the width of the slot.
  • The edit tab is part of the interface.
  • There is a tab at the top of the screen.
  • There is a tab at the bottom of the list.
  • The color of the tab represents the rank.
  • The stitch is then severed adjacent the tab.
  • Click the watch tab at the top of the article.
  • Click the Languages tab at the top of the window.
  • It's got a threadbare and depressing history tab.
  • Tab was originally sweetened with cyclamates and saccharin.
  • So having the insurance pick up part of the tab is a big deal.
  • There is also now an option to add a customized favicon to a user's site, which is an icon that sits in the title tab of a website when it is viewed inside a browser.

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