IPA: tɑbˈɑrd


  • A silk banner attached to a bugle or trumpet.
  • A sleeveless jerkin or loose overgarment.
  • (historical) A sleeveless garment made of coarse cloth formerly worn outdoors by the common people.
  • (historical) A cape or tunic worn by a knight, emblazoned with the coat of arms of his king or queen on the front.
  • (historical) A similar garment officially worn by a herald and emblazoned with his sovereign's coat of arms.

Examples of "tabard" in Sentences

  • He also designed the Finlaggan tabard.
  • He is shown wearing the tabard of the Earl of Erroll.
  • Roger Livesey's voice flapjack saying the word 'tabard'
  • My talk page Could you explain the revert at The Tabard.
  • I don't have any views on when a tabard becomes a surcoat etc.
  • He is shown wearing the tabard of the arms of the Earl of Erroll.
  • They have the same abilities as a Guard, and wear the same tabard.
  • I was gonna look up "tabard", but then I decided to look up "modest".
  • They wear a green or blue tabard, depending on what town they are from.
  • The arms on his tabard also show a differenced version of the Hanover quarter.
  • She wore a simple short-sleeved dress, with a kind of tabard that covered most of it.
  • On the other hand, I am my own fire steward with the flourescent tabard to prove it and I have an accident book!
  • Beater Brown has done several hundred hours of community service, but he should have done it with I HIT A WOMAN on his tabard.
  • He was preceded by Black Rod, Garter King of Arms, girt in an Alice in Wonderland tabard, festooned with harps and other armorial devices.
  • "Every metal fan would have to choose their backpatch carefully," says Ken McCormick, whose patch-encrusted tabard takes pride of place in Home Of Metal.
  • Over it the tabard was a bright splash of colour, the striking hippogriff of Marimme's crest picked out in bright scarlet with touches of gold, prancing over a curve of blue-green representing the sea.
  • Try my work gear – thermal underwear, trousers and long sleeved top, jumper, fleece (without a risk assessment!) waxed boiler suit, whacking great steel toe-capped boots, hard hat, fluorescent tabard, head torch and clip-board.
  • A happier story is Amy Childs from The Only Way Is Essex, the nation's newest booby sweetheart, a chirpy Essex sparrow, famed for standing about in a beautician's tabard saying "Shat ahp!" and having a fey sidekick cousin called Harry who boasts the intellectual prowess of a damp stack of Grattan catalogues.

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