tabby cat

IPA: tˈæbikˈæt


  • Alternative form of tabby [(countable, uncountable) A kind of waved silk, usually called watered silk, manufactured like taffeta, but thicker and stronger. The watering is given to it by calendering.]

Examples of "tabby-cat" in Sentences

  • The tabby-cat statesmen who had been too old to fight, were busy sowing the seeds of future wars.
  • Obediently Mrs. Nolak put her tabby-cat face inside the camel's head and turned it from side to side ferociously.
  • Whilst he was thus walking full of thought, he met a small tabby-cat which said quite kindly, “Hans, where are you going?”
  • So he chopped the wood small; stayed there in the house and had good meat and drink, but never saw anyone but the tabby-cat and her servants.
  • And a magnificent princess alighted from the coach and went into the mill, and this princess was the little tabby-cat whom poor Hans had served for seven years.
  • With this reflection I was about to shut my window, when suddenly I perceived, in a spot of sunshine on my right, the shadow of two pricked-up ears; then a paw advanced, then the head of a tabby-cat showed itself at the corner of the gutter.
  • He thought of everything connected with his hallowed home: of the good-natured spinster who was his housekeeper, and of the ten-acre lots upon his farm; of the red steers and the gray mare; of the shaggy watch-dog and the tabby-cat; of home in all its minutiæ.
  • His outspoken criticism of another disappointing Democratic president, Jimmy Carter, stands in sharp contrast to the tabby-cat role that labor leaders seem to be playing at the Obama White House today, no matter how much their members get kicked around on trade deals, health care reform, workers' rights, deficit reduction, or business-friendly appointments.

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