IPA: tˈɑbi


  • Traditional Japanese ankle socks with a separate section for the big toe.

Examples of "tabi" in Sentences

  • Men sometimes wear blue or black tabi for travelling.
  • Both men and women wear white tabi divided toe socks .
  • Jika tabi. is a type of outdoor footwear worn in Japan.
  • Tabi, an ankle high sock, is often worn with the kimono.
  • Tabi and Jill are some of the workers of the weather station.
  • Tabi are designed to be worn with geta a type of thonged footwear.
  • It remains there, safe from all dangers except for insane orange tabis.
  • He concentrated on the feel of the grass through his thin tabi slippers.
  • Note that tabi and jiki tabi should preferably match the colour of the hakama.
  • Lalithra 1 year ago perfect concept. that vid was fire tabi Bonney 1 year ago dope!
  • Also, she wore white socks we call tabi, which button along the side with a snug fit.
  • Entries must creatively tackle the theme: “Tabi-tabi po” – Exploring Philippine Health Myths.
  • Who Loves to Sew: I think those Japanese sock thingies are called tabi, or something to that effect.
  • On her feet went Japanese-style tabi socks with a slit between her big toe and the next, then rope-soled sandals.
  • “Inessential driving” was banned eighteen months before Pearl Harbor, and soon thereafter production of rubber-soled tabi shoes was halted to save raw material.

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