IPA: tˈæbɫʌtʃɝ


  • A form of musical notation indicating fingering rather than the pitch of notes, commonly used for stringed instruments.
  • (countable) An engraved tablet, or a painting on a wall or ceiling, or sometimes a picture in general.
  • (anatomy) A division of the skull into two tables.

Examples of "tablature" in Sentences

  • Tab is short form for tablature.
  • List of guitar tablature software.
  • The tablature reads from bottom up.
  • Finally there's the issue of tablature.
  • The easiest tablature system works like this.
  • There are many harmonica tablature systems in use.
  • Tablature comes in form of individual and collections.
  • The interstitial spaces on a tablature are never used.
  • The software achieves this through the input of tablature.
  • The reissue includes an Acrobat pdf file of the music and tablature.
  • I miss those two tablature books you took, one of Dylan's works up til then, one a blues compilation.
  • I also learned how to read music very early on, which is another thing I would encourage music students to do, and stay away from tablature.
  • As fans left the club they were offered a chance to buy Thompson's songbook, complete with guitar tablature to help them sound just like their hero.
  • Once active, the device accepts mp3, midi or wav files, and “hrough software,” is converted to guitar tablature, then lit up on the frets as you play.
  • We might have a chord chart if there are tough chords, or if there is one really hard line I might jot it down in banjo tablature, which is a number system that I read.
  • You put mp3s into the device via SD card, the songs are converted into guitar tablature, and the tablature is projected, with laser lights, onto the guitar fretboard as you play.
  • You can hear more music by Malpais on their myspace page, and on their official website you can also download the guitar tablature for some songs in case you wish to play along or on your own.

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