table knife

IPA: tˈeɪbʌɫnˈaɪf


  • A type of knife used to cut cooked and prepared food, with a single moderately sharp edge.

Examples of "table-knife" in Sentences

  • I tried cutting mine, but the really tough inner stalks don´t lend themselves to table-knife cutlery.
  • I found a table-knife and inserted it, with some difficulty, into the crack by the lock, and tried levering the door open.
  • Lake recoiled a step; his face blanched as white as the cloth; his left arm lifted, and his right hand grasping the haft of a table-knife.
  • It looked like an ordinary table-knife that had been patiently honed over many a long evening, until it had a fine cutting edge and a tapered point.
  • The gun was really ugly (home-made stock, carved with a table-knife, broken trigger tip) when I bought it for $245 it included rings and bases and a box of premium ammo!
  • His first fight on board, the first day out, was with me, when he, desiring to cut a plug of chewing tobacco, took my personal table-knife for the purpose, and whereupon, I, on a hair-trigger, promptly exploded.
  • The knight-expectant advanced up the hall, the whole length of which he had unfortunately to traverse, turning out his toes with so much zeal that he presented his leg at every step with its broadside foremost, so that it greatly resembled an old-fashioned table-knife with a curved point, when seen sideways.

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