table lamp

IPA: tˈeɪbʌɫɫˈæmp


  • A lamp designed to be used on tables.

Examples of "table-lamp" in Sentences

  • The room was lit only by firelight and a single table-lamp.
  • Shoe Number 72, a burgundy snake-skinned pointed-toe pump, she sat on top of the shade of a man's bedside table-lamp.
  • Soon they were all in the hut, the oil-lamp giving out a lovely warmth and glow, and the table-lamp shining brightly.
  • Round the double bowl of his tall-stemmed table-lamp, brittle bronze beetles and papery moths fluttered and fell in a ring of ephemeral death.
  • I could see the scar on the closet door, the fraying edge of the carpet, the motley collection of objects on the bedside table-lamp, mystery book, emery board, hand lotion, traveling clock.
  • Lamps Plus’s mechanical combination of four preexisting ceiling-lamp elements with a preexisting table-lamp base did not result in the expression of an original work of authorship as required by § 101.
  • Now she sat, reading the introspections of "Romola" till she felt her own soul stretching out -- up and beyond the gas table-lamp glowing there in such lovely serenity through its gold-glass shade; felt it aching to express something, she knew not what.
  • Nevertheless, absorbed acetylene may claim close attention for one department of household illumination, viz., the portable table-lamp; for the base of such an apparatus might easily be constructed to imitate the acetone cylinder, and it could be charged by simple connexion with a larger one at intervals.
  • It may safely be said that the acetone system, or less conveniently perhaps the mere compression into porous matter, is the best to adopt for the table-lamp which is to be used in occupied rooms Small cylinders of such shapes as to form an elegant base for a table-lamp on more or less conventional lines would be easy to make.

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