table linen

IPA: tˈeɪbʌɫɫˈɪnʌn


  • tablecloths and napkins

Examples of "table-linen" in Sentences

  • The center is of fine table-linen, while the edge is formed of
  • Truth compels the avowal that there was no table-linen, nor was the board resplendent with plate or gay with flowers.
  • The stewards were dirty and desponding, the serving inhospitable, the cooking dirty and greasy, the food scanty, the table-linen frowsy.
  • An officer in India, whose stock of table-linen had been completely exhausted during the campaign, -- either by wear or tear or accident, -- had
  • Captain Palmer, sword red with blood, was standing by the flagstaff that had somehow stood with its trophy of table-linen and uniform sleeves still flying.
  • I noticed jewel-cases, with ciphers and armorial bearings stamped upon them, and sets of fine table-linen, and weapons of price; but none of the things were docketed.
  • He felt, when his mind dwelt upon his brilliant connections, the same external support, the same solid comfort as when he looked at the fine estate, the fine silver, the fine table-linen which had come down to him from his forebears.
  • Ailse hain't possessed with none of the high talence, cain't exhoht, naw sing with fehveh, naw yit lead in praieh; heh talence is mos'ly boun 'up in napkins -- as Scripcheh say -- mos'ly boun' up in napkins; foh I do 'deny she kin do up all kines o' table-linen, she kin indeed.
  • Eugenie got out some clean table-linen, and went to fetch a few bunches of grapes which she had amused herself by hanging on a string across the attic; she walked softly along the corridor, so as not to waken her cousin, and she could not help listening at the door to his quiet breathing.

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