table napkin

IPA: tˈeɪbʌɫnˈæpkɪn


  • to protect clothing; wipe mouth

Examples of "table-napkin" in Sentences

  • The two friends spread out the table-napkin and laid the Magic
  • He immediately spread out the table-napkin with which he had lately taken the measure of the piece of shagreen.
  • I'm wearing a tight shirt under this blouse, but that gives about as much support as a table-napkin holding a bowling ball.
  • This was hard upon the lady, as her own table-napkin and a cup out of which she was wont to drink were placed at that spot.
  • I stayed at The Plaza in 1974 and did business with musos Carla and Paul Bley, and he knocked his PIPE muck into a linen table-napkin.
  • He set an excellent meal before his brother-in-law, and himself ate and drank heartily, unfolding his very table-napkin with a kind of relish.
  • He invariably wore a second-hand frockcoat and slippers trodden down at heel, carried a table-napkin under his arm, and had a multitude of pimples on his cheeks.
  • Raphael looked thrice at the talisman, which lay passively within the merciless outlines on the table-napkin; he tried not to believe it, but his incredulity vanished utterly before the light of an inner presentiment.
  • Thanks to the peculiar clearness with which external objects are sometimes projected on an inebriated brain, in sharp contrast to its own obscure imaginings, Valentin found an inkstand and a table-napkin, with the quickness of a monkey, repeating all the time:
  • The reality that must be expressed resides, I now realised, not in the appearance of the subject but in the degree of penetration of that intuition to a depth where that appearance matters little, as symbolised by the sound of the spoon upon the plate, the stiffness of the table-napkin, which were more precious for my spiritual renewal than many humanitarian, patriotic, international conversations.

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