table salt

IPA: tˈeɪbʌɫsˈɔɫt


  • Sodium chloride, the salt most commonly used to season food at the table.

Examples of "table-salt" in Sentences

  • Either a handful of table-salt, or half a handful of bay-salt, or of
  • A small pinch of table-salt ought to be added to whatever food is given, as "the best savour is salt."
  • -- Give injections of gruel with a little table-salt, and hogs lard in it if the bowels be hard to move.
  • After the second month, if the babe be delicate, the addition of two handfuls of table-salt to the water he is washed with in the morning will tend to brace and strengthen him.
  • There is no necessity ordinarily to use anything but plain warm water, with perhaps a little table-salt in it, for internal cleansing, and soap and water for external cleansing; then dry parts carefully.
  • It is an attention which the blood appreciates very highly, although table-salt is of no great use to him in his building operations; but it evidently keeps him in good humor, and he would work badly without it.
  • A bag of hot salt -- that is to say, powdered table-salt -- put either into the oven or into a frying-pan over the fire, and thus made hot, and placed in a flannel bag, and then applied, as the case may be, either to the stomach or to the bowels.
  • Viewed from this standpoint of terrestrial experience, there is no more reason for supposing that consciousness survives the dissolution of the brain than for supposing that the pungent flavour of table-salt survives its decomposition into metallic sodium and gaseous chlorine.
  • I find, in these cases, great benefit to be derived from bathing the face, night and morning, with strong salt and water -- a table-spoonful of table-salt to a tea-cupful of water; by paying attention to the bowels; by living on plain, wholesome, nourishing food; and by taking

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