table service

IPA: tˈeɪbʌɫsˈɝvʌs


  • tableware consisting of a complete set of articles (silver or dishware) for use at table

Examples of "table-service" in Sentences

  • The dining tables were profuse with solid silver table-service.
  • The Mexican table-service restaurant is also very good, as is Morocco.
  • And as one fast-food industry executive once told me, "If you think our food is bad, you should look at table-service restaurants."
  • The plan includes one quick-service meal, one snack and one table-service meal at up to 100 restaurants for each night of the package stay.
  • There is always pleasure in examining an acorn-cup, -- perhaps associated with fairy banquets, where they were said to compose the table-service.
  • On average, management turnover rates run around 20% annually for table-service restaurants, while hourly workers turn over at roughly a 150% clip.
  • There was also a very pretty table-service of white crockery, a roll of white carpeting, boxes of soap, chests of tea, casks of sugar, bags of coffee, etc., etc., in the greatest profusion.
  • And furthermore, I told her, following up my totally logical defense, "we pay 20% at home, so we're used to paying more." 10% is the normal tipping rate at bars and table-service restaurants in Berlin.
  • There was a splendid table-service, and a noble array of footmen, some of them in plain clothes, and others wearing the town-livery, richly decorated with gold-lace, and themselves excellent specimens of the blooming young-manhood of Britain.
  • Frauenfelder lives in Los Angeles, which makes me feel bad for him, but also puts him in close proximity to the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood and Sherman Oaks, which charge premium prices for a premium experience that includes reserved seating, advanced sound systems and a grown-up friendly lobby with full bar and table-service restaurant.

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