table tennis

IPA: tˈeɪbʌɫtˈɛnʌs


  • A game or sport (similar to tennis) that involves the hitting of a light plastic ball across a table (fashioned like a mini tennis court) by rackets (paddles, bats (Britain)).

Examples of "table-tennis" in Sentences

  • One night I was taken to a clandestine warehouse table-tennis club in Brooklyn.
  • Here, representatives from five Sundance movies competed in a table-tennis tournament.
  • "We can't – I tore it up and used it as a table-tennis net," says someone else, shovelling the ripped remnants into a bin.
  • "The young people have music, they can play table-tennis, they can use the computer, there's a quiet area where they can work," she says.
  • The spa was established by former Latvian table-tennis champion Vadim Sokolov after seeing the benefits of therapies he experienced as an athlete.
  • There was ping-pong in the team room, however, with rookie Matt Kuchar dominating table-tennis rivals Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, and a speech on Tuesday by Maj.
  • He first came to the attention of British sports fans as a table-tennis star he was Britain's top-ranked player for eight years beginning in 1995 and a two-time Olympian.
  • Obama and Cameron later visited the Globe Academy in London's Southwark neighborhood, where they saw some science exhibits and then played a table-tennis match against two teenage boys.
  • Approaching the 1972 trail-blazing "Pong"—a single bouncing bit and two white lines, which replicate a table-tennis match—the visitor may be seized by a feeling of disbelief: Surely people couldn't spend hours playing with that?
  • I'm not sure why it took me until I was in my 50s to realize there was a comic novel, "The Mighty Walzer," to be written about my experiences as a boy table-tennis player growing up in Manchester, England, and dreaming of world domination.

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