table turning

IPA: tˈeɪbʌɫtˈɝnɪŋ


  • manipulation of a table during a seance; attributed to spirits


IPA: tˈeɪbʌɫtˈɝnɪŋ


  • The practice, at a séance, of the participants sitting around a table with their hands upon it, waiting for it to rotate and spell out communications from spirits.
  • The act of turning the tables; a reversal or revenge.

Examples of "table-turning" in Sentences

  • Alternatively, AIA might launch a table-turning takeover bid.
  • And now we're asked to accept the table-turning decision of Jason Mesnick, AKA The Bachelor.
  • This is a little table-turning on the calls by some No on 8 supporters for a boycott of businesses that gave to the proposition.
  • Tranh also has a table-turning encounter with a former employee, fired in disgrace by Tranh himself but who is now much better off than his former boss.
  • The second key to understanding Capote's malice involves what Mr. Schultz calls "table-turning," or "pre-emptive abandonment"—hurt them before they hurt you.
  • Rage that mutilation of women's bodies and souls are daily fodder for primetime TV, whereas this one instance of table-turning has caused such a huge hissyfit.
  • And when Mr. Schultz writes that "the 'ouch' script and the 'table-turning' script were both powerful determinants of Capote's thoughts, feelings, and behavior," the reader might feel that he is both over-complicating and over-simplifying.

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