IPA: tʌbɫˈoʊ


  • A striking and vivid representation; a picture.
  • A vivid graphic scene of a group of people arranged as in a painting or bas relief sculpture.
  • (UK, dated) Hence, an arrangement of actors in static positions on stage, having the effect of pointing up a particular moment in the drama, conventionally revealed by opening tableau curtains (known as "tabs").
  • (mathematics) A two-dimensional array or table of data, usually numbers, of various specific kinds.
  • (linguistics, optimality theory) A table that shows constraint violations of a list of candidates given an input and a constraint ranking.
  • (card games) Mostly in solitaire card games, but also in other card and board games, the main area, where random cards can be arranged.
  • (logic) A semantic tableau.
  • (theater) unit of a play, an opera or a ballet with change of stage setting.

Examples of "tableau" in Sentences

  • The movie is a tableau of sensuality.
  • The dark background envelops the tableau.
  • The cards on the tableau are built down by suit.
  • The tableau of the card can be seen at Venezuela.
  • As a running example, the tableau for the set is shown.
  • Cards in the tableau are built down regardless of suit.
  • Hilbert's calculus, sequent calculus, tableau calculus.
  • The master of ceremonies announces a tableau of the city.
  • The whole tableau is a high school nightmare come to life.
  • The killings of the crew men were enacted in tableau fashion.
  • It would have puzzled him to stand in tableau for the Earl of
  • The last tableau is of the iconic group looking down on Switzerland.
  • For instance, the tableau above would be rendered in the following way.
  • An analytic tableau has for each node a subformula of the formula at the origin.
  • Eight hours 'work coverts a lump of inert snow into a classic tableau from the Simpsons.
  • This sculptured tableau is divided horizontally by the river Orontes, represented by the zigzag lines.
  • The most impressive tableau is the pop-up of a large Mos Eisley spaceport where our heroes Luke and Obi-Wan first met Han and Chewie.
  • "This is a comeback and a personal project, and from the very opening frame - a gorgeous opening-title tableau - I could see Coppola straining very hard to make it count," writes Glenn Kenny.

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