tableau vivant

IPA: tʌbɫˈoʊvɪvʌnt


  • (art) A tableau (group scene resembling a painting).

Examples of "tableau-vivant" in Sentences

  • And that will be the best _tableau-vivant_ you or any one else can study.
  • These things held the attention; they had a natural authority and, in spite of their suggesting too much the school-girl in the _tableau-vivant_, a "plastic" grandeur.
  • They might at this moment, in their positively portentous stillness, have been keeping it up for a wager, sitting for their photograph or even enacting a tableau-vivant.
  • Near where these damsels stood was a fountain which had pipes running with milk, wine, and hypocras; at the side of the Church of the Holy Trinity was a _tableau-vivant_ of the Passion of our Saviour, including a crucified Christ and two thieves, represented, as the chronicle states, "par personnages sans parler."
  • From the perspective of the completely empty ramps, or straight up from the ground floor, museumgoers will stare into a kind of motionless tableau-vivant tornado that seems intent on taking the Surrealist trope of the chance meeting of an umbrella and a sewing machine on a dissecting table and turning it up way past 11.

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