IPA: tʌbɫɫʌnd


  • A relatively flat region of elevated terrain, particularly in reference to surrounding terrain.

Examples of "tableland" in Sentences

  • The borders of the tableland are very steep.
  • Most of the land is in the Musashino tableland.
  • Black soil plains cover much of the Barkly Tableland.
  • Dairying, grazing and poultry are also present on the Tableland.
  • It is found in a small area of the Blackdown Tableland in Queensland.
  • To the west and the southwest of the tableland lie the Togo Mountains.
  • At the western frontier is the tableland of Falari and the Gulf of Myrtos.
  • On the tableland a great variety of cereals and vegetables are cultivated.
  • The topography of the region is dominated by the Northern Tablelands plateau.
  • Foxes and rabbits are the most significant vertebrae pests of the tablelands.
  • A wind swept over the rugged tableland and lifted her toffee-colored hair to rush its fingers through it.
  • Two mountain streams have so joined as to form a peninsula of tableland which is well shaded by cotton-wood trees.
  • I have described in a former Despatch, that rich pastoral District of the tableland which is known as the "Darling Downs."
  • From the head of the slope the path crossed a kind of tableland, and they could easily keep their guide in sight for a long distance.
  • A certain part of the rain-bearing clouds passes still farther inland, and scatters showers over the eastern part of the tableland, that is to say, over the
  • It was as Mami had said, very strong, a kind of tableland ringed round with precipices that could only be climbed through a single narrow nek, and overshadowed by the great Quathlamba range.
  • "We must have climbed up here to what father called the tableland, and somewhere farther on, I suppose, we should come to the edge of the cliff and look down into the valley with the openings facing one.
  • We soon after emerged from the wood and found that we were on a kind of tableland and, approaching a deep ravine coming from our right and terminating on a very fine-looking open country below, watered by a winding river.
  • Thanks, Carron for the accolades for Chiapas´ fabulous state capital of Tuxtla Gurierrez - a true tropical non-coastal city at about 1,200 feet altitude on the so - called Chiapas Depression or what I would call the Chiapas low-lying tableland between the Chiapas Highlands with elevations between 7,000 and 12,000 feet and the "Tierra Caliente" or hot lands of the Pacific Coast.

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