IPA: tˈæbɫɔɪd


  • (publishing) A newspaper having pages half the dimensions of the standard format.
  • (publishing) A newspaper, especially one in this format, that favours stories of a sensational or even fictitious nature over serious news.
  • (medicine, obsolete) A compressed portion of drugs, chemicals, etc.; a tablet.


  • In the format of a tabloid.
  • Relating to a tabloid or tabloids.

Examples of "tabloid" in Sentences

  • The paper uses the tabloid format.
  • The format of the newspaper is tabloid.
  • The story was indeed used in the tabloids.
  • The desire to make WP into a tabloid is pernicious.
  • It depends on the article and the tabloid in question.
  • This was recorded in the tabloid newspapers of the time.
  • The local newspapers are the broadsheet, and the tabloid.
  • The magazine is produced on newsprint in a tabloid format.
  • This is what I call tabloid morals and pop culture values.
  • It was essentially a song about the tabloid vilification of George.
  • The background of the report was an article in the tabloid newspaper.
  • At 7: 30, often, there is what I call the tabloid story of the morning.
  • Vonn admitted what she calls the "tabloid gossip" surrounding her concussion really got to her.
  • His campaign aides say it's an opportunity to try to bypass what they call tabloid-centric media coverage, and bring a positive message to voters.
  • Defense attorney Linda Kennedy Baden didn ` t hold back in her criticism of the local and what she called the tabloid media on NBC ` s "Today Show" this morning.
  • Famous defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden lashed out at Orlando ` s local media, and what she calls tabloid media on NBC ` s "Today Show" this morning, while simultaneously attacking the prosecution ` s decision to seek the death penalty.
  • As it was Mr. Justice Byrne was quite correct, as the word tabloid had indeed come to be used to mean the "compressed form or dose of anything"; during World War I, a small Sopwith biplane was known as the 'tabloid' within the Royal Air Force, whilst during the

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