IPA: tˈeɪbɝɛt


  • A little drum; a tabret.
  • A low stool in the form of a drum.
  • A low stand or embroidery frame in the same shape.

Examples of "taboret" in Sentences

  • The Boby Cart, or taboret, is an iconic mobile storage unit.
  • For a palette I use a disposable palette on top of a taboret.
  • The drawing table to our left has an adjacent taboret with inks.
  • Many artists work on a tabletop or taboret-mounted palette instead of a hand-held palette.
  • The second item is a taboret that my father, a wonderful woodworker, made for me just last year.
  • Jim's book, at once encyclopedic and anecdotal, belongs beside the taboret of every narrative painter.
  • The taboret is a little drawer unit that sits to the right of me me when I’m painting in oil in the studio.
  • _ The term taboret originally meant a little tabor or drum, and was therefore used to designate a small stool, the seat of which consisted of a piece of stretched leather.

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