IPA: tɑbˈu


  • Alternative spelling of taboo [An inhibition or ban that results from social custom or emotional aversion.]


  • Alternative spelling of taboo [To mark as taboo.]

Examples of "tabu" in Sentences

  • Their women tabu ghi for the hair.
  • The Tongans used tabu as an adjective.
  • Or maybe it's still tabu in Poland again.
  • But it was Tabu who agreed almost instantly.
  • Fantastic performance by the super talented Tabu.
  • Tabu search excludes solutions in the tabu list from .
  • Seven members of TABU choose to undergo this endeavor.
  • But the use of hormones is not the tabu and secret today.
  • She is the niece of Shabana Azmi and the elder sister of Tabu.
  • The Fijian people have a centuries-old tradition of setting aside no-fishing areas, called tabu areas.
  • The tabu was the most ingenious and effective of all the inventions that has ever been devised for keeping a people's privileges satisfactorily restricted.
  • The custom of "tabu" was just as universally practised as in the Friendly Islands, and the natives were always careful to ask if things were "tabu" before they touched them.
  • The custom of "tabu," called here "pomali," is very general, fruit trees, houses, crop, and property of all kinds being protected from depredation by this ceremony, the reverence for which is very great.
  • The tabu was a most ingenious and useful device; and when you hear of the uses to which it was put, and of its effectiveness, you feel surprised that it was not found elsewhere as an appurtenance of the feudal machinery.
  • In various islands of the Pacific, for both the reasons above specified, the name of the reigning chief is so rigorously "tabu," that common words and even syllables resembling that name in sound must be omitted from the language.
  • Latin 're-ligare' [literally to 'tie again', 're-tie', 'bind'] which originally designated "a power outside man obligating him to certain behaviour under pain of threatened awesome retribution, a kind of tabu, or the feeling in man vis-a-vis such powers."
  • Would it not be wiser to believe that when the English spelled their word tabu, what they actually heard was something different'somewhere between tabu and Jcapu, but slightly inclining toward the former" whereas when the Americans wrote their word Icapu, what they heard was also something quite different'somewhere between tabu and Icapu, but inclining slightly toward the latter?

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