IPA: tɑbˈuk


  • a city in northwestern saudi arabia

Examples of "tabuk" in Sentences

  • The context of the sura is the Battle of Tabuk.
  • It has close links with the city of Tabuk through a road.
  • The history of the Tabuk region dates back to 3,500 years ago.
  • A more visible difference is the much lighter barrel fitted to the Tabuk.
  • In 630 Muhammad decided to lead an expedition to Tabuk on the Syrian border.
  • He was also part of the Tabuk campaign under the command of Muhammad himself.
  • "It is probably on the trace of tabuk, from last night, " said the small man.
  • I saw the exhausted tabuk recover and rise unsteadily to its feet, and trot away.
  • I set out in my hunting leather with crossbow, upon a pacing tharlarion, after tabuk.
  • Its force, even arrested at the last moment, can break the back of a full-grown tabuk.
  • The tabuk harried to exhaustion, helpless, lying gasping on the grass, I rode to it, my crossbow ready.
  • "I was after tabuk, " she said, -but others, too, were abroad that day, who sought a slower, softer game.
  • I was in the place in which I would have brought home the tabuk, save I would have had him on his belly, so bound.
  • "In the wild it commonly hunts tabuk and wild tarsk, " he said, -but it is an intelligent beast, and it can be trained to hunt anything.
  • Needless to say, a hunting tarn is extremely dangerous, and although its favorite prey may be tabuk, or wild tarsk, they can attack human beings.
  • In moving slowly, one tends to convey, on a very basic level, that one is not intending harm; to be sure, even predators like the larl occasionally abuse this form of signaling, for example, in hunting tabuk, using it for purposes of deception; more rapid movement, of course, tends to precipitate defensive reactions.

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