tabula rasa

IPA: tˈæbjʌɫʌrɑsʌ


  • A mind, as of a newborn, free of any impressions, notions, ideas, etc.; a "blank slate".
  • Anything which exists in a pristine state.

Examples of "tabula-rasa" in Sentences

  • Complete tabula-rasa, with ONLY the empathic nature to go on.
  • It was tabula-rasa free improvisation: about an hour long, aggressive but not signifying any particular school, loud and soft but mostly loud, way more gestural than narrative, instinctive, abstract, efficacious.
  • One failing, however, is that by the end of the issue, ANY growth and understanding that he has made is lost into the dim recesses of his mind, so that by the start of the next issue, there is only the tabula-rasa again, where the next series of events will prompt a new set of actions & reactions from him.

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