IPA: tˈæbjʌɫɝ


  • tabular bone


  • having a flat, plane surface
  • organized as a table or list
  • calculated by means of a table
  • (geology) tending to split into thin flat pieces, such as slate

Examples of "tabular" in Sentences

  • Tabular approach to classification.
  • May also be tabular or rhombohedral.
  • Tables are for tabular data not for images.
  • Tabular data like this is not encyclopedic.
  • Elements that represent tabular information.
  • Tabular summary of the analytic conclusions.
  • In tabular form, the steps are Visualization.
  • The major difficulty is the tabular style of a lot of the text.
  • Han Jiabao presents this data in tabular form in Helan shidai, 60. back
  • It occurs in tabular, acicular, or fibrous crystals with a vitreous luster.
  • ADAPA allows for business knowledge to be expressed in simple tabular format.
  • Syntax is \begin {tabular} [pos] {cols} tabular* is like tabular, but also takes a target width for the table.
  • You can also filter the points by amount given, by name or industry, or view and sort the data in tabular format.
  • The population of the United States, as they were according to the three last censuses, is given in tabular form.
  • My opinion of Felton's annual report is that he's taken a bunch of data, over-designed it, and made it harder to read than if it were simply in tabular form.
  • Calcium metasilicate, CaSiO_3, occurs in nature as monoclinic crystals known as tabular spar or wollastonite; it may be prepared artificially from solutions of calcium chloride and sodium silicate.
  • Still there are, doubtless, some errors and omissions; but the following data arranged in tabular form will, it is hoped, at least serve as a basis from which a more perfect record shall be made at some time in the future.

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