IPA: tˈæbjʌɫeɪt


  • (pharmacy, obsolete) A pill, a tablet.
  • (paleontology) A member of the order Tabulata.


  • (transitive) To arrange in tabular form; to arrange into a table.
  • (transitive) To set out as a list; to enumerate, to list.
  • (transitive, Scotland, obsolete) To enter into an official register or roll.
  • (transitive) To shape with a flat surface.


  • (paleontology) Describing a member of an extinct order of corals, the Tabulata: having tabulae (well-developed horizontal internal partitions within each cell).

Examples of "tabulate" in Sentences

  • I planned to tabulate the information.
  • Despite this, the authorities were able to tabulate the vote expeditiously.
  • In Bluespec, Lennart needed to introduce a 'tabulate' function which produces a table-driven implementation of its function argument.
  • One of my jobs was touring the squadron barracks every morning with a clipboard to tabulate the damage and vandalism done by drunken airmen.
  • Still, when you tabulate the net effect of all of Richmond's additions and subtractions, the tally leaves you contentedly in the plus column.
  • Lennart then explored using 'tabulate' directly in Haskell, but found it next to impossible to get the GHC simplifier to do enough transformation.
  • We asked Ms. Bocanegra to select an aspect of her piece to tabulate, a request she accommodated by calculating which words appear most frequently in her tale.
  • Not only have they taken the unprecedented action to deny extensions when unemployment is over seven percent, they've given the banks and those who tabulate the unemployed the precedent to codify those who've exhausted their unemployment as no longer unemployed.
  • Remember -- the Census Bureau doesn't just tabulate the nation's population every decade, it also compiles important economic, employment, educational and demographic statistics that are used for everything from determining the allocation of federal funding, where to build new roads and how to market new products.

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