IPA: tæbjʌɫˈeɪʃʌn


  • The act or process of tabulating
  • A result of tabulating: a table, displaying data in compact form
  • (computing) A printout
  • (biology) The pattern of plates on a dinoflagellate

Examples of "tabulation" in Sentences

  • A cross tabulation is a process.
  • Nice work on the tabulation by the way.
  • Table 9 is a tabulation of such information.
  • Tabulation and dynamic programming techniques.
  • Also is a center for evaluation and tabulation.
  • It constitutes an tabulation of public opinion.
  • It is sometimes referred to as the tabulation method.
  • Said NY doesn't know what they want to do yet on "tabulation".
  • Eventually, it is the source for tabulation of records electronically.
  • Gingrich's group had heard from sources that the result of the tabulation was a
  • Another tabulation is here, and it has different numbers and shows Edwards in fifth.
  • These results do not reflect the official tabulation, which is expected to begin on Friday.
  • The increased "load" on the Inspector/workers led to errors in tabulation & proper procedures.
  • If an electronic tabulation which is erroneous is replicated, repeating the error does not correct that error.
  • Guam Democratic Party officials told CNN Saturday morning that the vote tabulation is ongoing but will take several more hours to complete.
  • ALLEN: And as you could see from the screen there, Bush had picked up some 45 votes so far in the absentee-ballots tabulation, which is ongoing -- that according to Associated Press.
  • This is unusual since there is often useful information to be gleaned from doing what is called a cross-tabulation, that is of comparing vote preference by certain fixed characteristics like age and sex.

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