IPA: tˈæbʌn


  • (organic chemistry, military) An extremely toxic nerve gas; a clear, tasteless liquid, molecular formula C₅H₁₁N₂O₂P.
  • A clay oven, shaped like a truncated cone, with an opening at the bottom for stoking the fire.

Examples of "tabun" in Sentences

  • Tabun Sutradhar composed the film's music.
  • Thanks for your kind words about the Tabun article.
  • Tabun or GA is an extremely toxic chemical substance.
  • He was an expert on tabun, an extremely lethal chemical.
  • The chemical weapon tabun is derived from dimethylamine.
  • I may be wrong but the tabun article barely mentions it.
  • Sometimes a tabun baking oven would be located inside it.
  • It was found to be more than ten times as potent as tabun.
  • Although pure tabun is clear, less pure tabun may be brown.
  • He named the chemical "tabun" and communicated his findings to Army Weapons Office in Berlin.
  • These included such notorious chemical warfare agents as sarin, soman and tabun gases, all of which are still manufactured today. ...
  • Just a few droplets of chemical nerve agents such as tabun, sarin and VX will kill within minutes if inhaled or within hours if absorbed through the skin.
  • Just before World War II, German scientists looking for a better insecticide developed the first nerve gas, tabun, which led to deadlier agents called sarin and VX.
  • Saddam "had had" biological and chemical weapons, including sarin, tabun, and VX; he'd used them pretty openly in the Iran-Iraq war and his suppression of the Kurdish uprising.
  • Even after more than half a century on the seabed the shells 'contents -- mostly mustard gas and lewisite (both blister agents), as well as the nerve gas tabun -- may still be deadly.
  • The explosions, which unleashed "a deadly cocktail of mustard gas and the nerve agents tabun, sarin, and VX," were part of Hussein's larger "scorched earth offensive" against Iraqi Kurds during the Iran-Iraq War.
  • According to declarations made by Iraq, in the period from 1981 to 1991 the chemical weapon programme produced approximately 3,850 tons of the chemical warfare agents mustard, tabun, sarin and VX, the report states.
  • This facility has been involved in, among many other things, "an extensive effort to identify practical methods of synthesis for nerve gases (such as tabun, sarin, and VX) and other organophosphorus and fluorine compounds." (
  • "When Saddam bombed Kurdish rebels and civilians with a lethal cocktail of mustard gas, sarin, tabun, and VX in 1988, the Reagan administration first blamed Iran, before acknowledging that the culprits were Saddam's own forces," explained reporters Christopher Dickey and Evan Thomas.

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