IPA: tˈækʌ


  • genus of tropical plants with creeping rootstocks and small umbellate flowers

Examples of "tacca" in Sentences

  • (It does it better in Italian than English, where the bird is a taccola, from earlier tacca.)
  • The tacca plant grows at Zanzibar, and is found naturalised on the high islands of the Pacific.
  • Rice, tacca, arrowroot, oats, etc. The principal starches used for finishing cotton fabrics are potato
  • The large fleshy tubers of tacca, when scraped and frequently washed, yield a nutritious fecula resembling arrowroot.
  • ( "American Journal of Pharmacy," vol. ix., p. 305), the Otaheite salep is obtained from a new species of tacca, which he names _T. oceanica_.
  • Soc. of India, "vol. iv., part I), states that the tacca plant abounds in certain parts of the province of Arracan, where the Mugs prepare the farina for export to the China market.

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