IPA: tˈætʃɪstɑskoʊp


  • A device that displays a series of brief images; used by psychologists to investigate perception, memory and learning.

Examples of "tachistoscope" in Sentences

  • Then comes the tachistoscope emulation.
  • The SE has also been described without a tachistoscope.
  • Scientists developed an instrument called the tachistoscope to study the effects of flicker.
  • The simple java application is based on the tachistoscope, a rapid image recognition device.
  • A device called a tachistoscope was used during WWII to help fighter pilots identify aircraft silhouettes.
  • Researcher James Vicary has installed a tachistoscope, a machine that can inject subliminal images of tiny fractions of a second-far below that of a person's conscious threshold.
  • In laboratory tests, split brains look at objects through a tachistoscope that presents information to only one hemisphere or look at image that is flashed briefly to one side of the visual field.

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