IPA: tɑtʃˈɑmʌtɝ


  • A device for measuring the revolutions per minute (RPMs) of a revolving shaft, as with the driveshaft of an automobile.
  • A device for measuring or indicating velocity or speed, as of blood, a river, a machine, etc.

Examples of "tachometer" in Sentences

  • The tachometer was upgraded a day later.
  • The apparatus can also be used as a tachometer.
  • A tachometer has been added to the instrumentation.
  • The tachometer signals are compared with ramp signals.
  • The instruments included a speedometer and a tachometer.
  • In upscale models, this pod was supplanted by a tachometer.
  • A form of tachometer feedback is used to stabilize the circuit.
  • A tachometer needle is coupled to the rack and pinion assembly.
  • A tachometer was offered as an optional replacement for the clock.
  • There was only a speedometer and no tachometer like the previous model.
  • But what most flabbergasted me was the instrument panel — the speedometer, the tachometer, the fuel and temperature gauges.
  • Now, there's a reason that, for about as long as we've had motorcars, a tachometer has been a round face with a needle: it works beautifully.
  • My foot mashed the accelerator to the floor and I caught sight of the tachometer needle in my peripheral vision arcing up, higher and higher.
  • The tachometer is a logical choice, but I have a better idea: tap into pin #34 of the EEC-IV computer so the lights run off fuel flow calculations.
  • The digital instrumentation panel on the dash features a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, two trip meters, and hour meter, fuel gauge, clock, and service indicators.
  • What I can vouch for, after wearing this last deer season in woods from Saskatchewan to New York, is that the chronograph works, the date display works, the tachometer works, and the thing keeps time as only a Swiss watch can.
  • To wit: The tachometer is the size of a wristwatch tucked into the left corner behind the steering wheel you can switch the display on the LCD screen, while the option for connecting to an iPhone takes prime and primary placement in the center console screen.
  • The one on the left presents vehicle information, such as miles traveled, and allows you to customize some of the gauges so that, for instance, you can finally banish that tachometer you never use in favor of, say, a digital readout on gas-mileage efficiency.
  • Among its features: a solid stainless casing treated with a film of ionized ceramic and metal that creates a slick, impervious surface; quartz movement with a 12-hour chronograph function; date display; tachometer (it can measure speed over a known distance) and really bright luminous hands and numerals.

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