take down

IPA: tˈeɪkdˈaʊn


  • To remove something from a wall or similar vertical surface to which it is fixed.
  • To remove something from a hanging position.
  • To remove something from a website.
  • To write down as a note, especially to record something spoken.
  • To remove a temporary structure such as scaffolding.
  • To lower an item of clothing without removing it.
  • To arrest someone or to place them in detention.
  • To swallow.
  • To defeat; to destroy or kill (a person).
  • (combat sports) To force one’s opponent off their feet in order to transition from striking to grappling in jujitsu, mixed martial arts, etc.
  • (intransitive, colloquial) To collapse or become incapacitated from illness or fatigue.
  • (transitive) To reduce.


IPA: tˈeɪkdaʊn


  • (slang) A taking down: the arrest of a suspect by a police officer.
  • (martial arts) A taking down: an act of bringing one's opponent to the ground by grabbing one or both legs and applying a rearward bending moment.
  • Enforced removal of material from a website, etc.

Examples of "takedown" in Sentences

  • It had the best takedown features.
  • Blizzard takedown demand and lawsuit.
  • I'm not demanding immediate takedown.
  • The Takedown is featured in the video game.
  • This is an example of a DMCA takedown notice.
  • This is not an official takedown notice, note.
  • This is usually referred to a lariat takedown.
  • No, that is the equivalent of a takedown notice.
  • This is not a discussion about the takedown notice.
  • Hart sometimes did the lariat takedown from the second corner rope.
  • Eater introduces a new columnist and her first takedown is buffets!
  • Notice-and-takedown is an area where WIPO got it drastically, terribly wrong.
  • Notice and takedown is reactive; what about proactive options, like filtering?
  • Felman: Notice and takedown is now under consideration by ICANN for new top-level domain names, because of the success of the DMCA.
  • Notice-and-takedown is a censor's best friend, but as the music and film industry can attest, it hasn't made any kind of dent in copyright infringement.
  • The researchers rigged the software agents to implicate three laserjet printers, which were then accused in takedown letters by the M.P.A.A. of downloading copies of “Iron Man” and the latest Indiana Jones film.
  • What's more, notice-and-takedown is almost always accompanied by systems for peircing Internet users 'anonymity: if you want to find out your stalking victim's new address and number, you need only find the message-board where she's posting about her troubles and write to the ISP as an infringed-upon rightsholder, demanding her info.
  • Even when applied to genuine copyrighted works, takedown is dangerous to the point of unusability: the Business Software Alliance, MPAA, and RIAA send out automatically generated takedowns by the thousands, using software that does half-assed pattern-matching on files available on the net and then sending off letters to universities, ISPs and other entites demanding the takedown of book reports about Harry Potter, Linux distributions with the same names as movies, and academic work by professors with the same name as musicians.

Examples of "take-down" in Sentences

  • Cryptome has them posted – though (as Mary points out) Yahoo has freaked out and initiated take-down proceedings.
  • You say the fatal injuries occurred when an officer fell on the man during the take-down - ribs broken in 26 places.
  • I was thrilled to watch his skillful take-down of the corporate reform narrative and to do it with the deadliest of weapons: humor.
  • Up until now, Mininova refused to interfere with the search results, claiming that the DMCA take-down procedure they have is good enough.
  • Michelle Malkin also comes very close to this as is clear from reading this brutal (but very substantive) take-down of her book on Japanese internment.
  • Ricardo: but Paul Berman apparently has a scathing take-down of intellectuals who have largely either ignored Hirsi Ali or else belittled her or sneered ather
  • "He comes to the team as they are still grappling with the professional and personal fallout from last season's take-down of serial killer, Nate Haskell," the network says.
  • As it leaves the person administering the drop vulnerable to counter-defense measures, it is not used as a "take-down" move, but as a coup-de-grace to finish off the opponent who is already debilitated or restrained.
  • A writer more interested in religion than in politics, Dostoevsky then produced a novel, "The Possessed," that is a powerful take-down of all—doctrinaires, reformers, advanced thinkers, fanatics—who make a religion of their politics.
  • Though that's no doubt true, it's hardly a line you want to fight over, particularly when, considering the different audiences the networks serve, chances are most CNBC viewers would never have heard Stewart's devastating take-down of the network had Cramer not kept the story growing and spreading.

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